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India bans trade of nuke items with North Korea

United Nations Security Council in New York city

NEW DELHI (PTI): India has banned exports and imports of all items from North Korea which can be used in nuclear or ballistic missile plans of the communist nation.

The decision conforms to United Nations Security Council resolutions and the International Atomic Energy Agency action imposing sanctions on North Korea in the nuclear field following the country not heeding to their demand of refraining from conducting nuclear tests or missile tests.

The Commerce Ministry on Tuesday imposed a blanket ban on "all items, materials, equipment, goods and technologies which could contribute to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear-related, ballistic missile-related to other weapons of mass destruction-related programmes."

According to a notification of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, the ban will cover both direct or indirect trade of these items.

Items that come under the ban include industrial equipment such as high density shields, robots, testing equipment like uranium isotope separation equipment, controlled atmosphere induction furnaces for vacuum and inert gas.

The UNSC had as recently as in June imposed sanctions against North Korea following their nuclear and short-range ballistic missile tests early this year.

North Korea's neighbours including South Korea and Japan have protested that the communist country's nuclear and missile tests and capacity building in the field of defence was a direct threat to their security.

The UNSC has imposed sanctions on North Korea beginning with resolutions in 2006, which its member-countries including India are bound to comply.

The UN has often declared that the military test by the country was a cause for tension in the region. The IAEA also views North Korea as one of those proliferating nuclear weapons and technology.

India has in the past few years intercepted two North Korean cargo ships said to be clandestinely carrying nuclear materials and arms to Pakistan.

In the recent months, two North Korean cargo ships that had dropped anchor off Andaman and Nicobar Islands and off Kerala coast have been inspected by Indian security and nuclear agencies.

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