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'India should not concern over US defence aid to Pak'

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LAHORE (PTI): Pakistan said that India should not have any reservations that the weapons and military aid received by Islamabad from the US will be used against the country.

"The cooperation we have (with the US) is to enhance Pakistan's capacity for counter-terrorism. They (India) should not have any reservations that these weapons will be used against them," Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told reporters at the airport in this eastern city Friday.

His remarks comes hours after Indian Defence Minister A K Antony cautioned the US against providing military aid to Pakistan on the ground that such weapons could be diverted to target India.

"If they (weapons) are used, it will be against terrorists and terrorist networks that are causing insecurity in Pakistan and the region. They (India) should not have reservations of any kind," he said in response to a question on the Indian Defence Minister's remarks.

Antony told reporters in New Delhi that India had conveyed to the US its concerns about the transfer of military equipment to Pakistan.

"Even though the US is giving equipment to Pakistan to fight against the Taliban, we feel there is every possibility of (Pakistan) diverting most of them to the Indian borders," Antony said.

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