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Indian Army, Navy steps up vigil to foil LTTE entry

Western coastal area of India. A File Photo.

NEW DELHI (BNS): The Indian Army has deployed troops in the Southern Command to help the Navy and the Coast Guard who are on high alert along the coast to prevent an infiltration bid by LTTE cadres.

Vice Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Noble Thamburaj told ANI on Wednesday that some troops have been deployed in the Southern Command to ensure that any hostile elements from LTTE don't make inroads into our coastline and enter India.

“As of now, there are no reports from any of our troops specially the Coast Guards and the Navy about any bids of crossover by the LTTE cadres,” he said.

Lt. General Thamburaj who was attending a seminar on “Combating Climate Change by Management of Ozone Depleting Substance” said the Indian Army and Navy have foiled a number of attempts by the LTTE to enter India.

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