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Indian Army begins exercise in Rajasthan

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Indian Army has begun a mega exercise in northern Rajasthan to test the operational effectiveness of concepts derived during its transformational studies.

The six day-long Exercise ‘Vijayee Bhava’ that began Monday with participation from mechanised forces, tank units and infantry troop would match their fighting skills with the air and logistics supports.

“Working towards a capability based approach, Indian Army has started a series of transformational initiative to include war fighting concepts, organisational structure and absorption of new technology,” Army officials said here Monday.

“The exercise would be conducted with precision munition and advance surveillance systems to achieve a greater degree of network centric capability,” they said.

The exercise would take place in the overall command of Ambala based Kharga Corps which would monitor the simulated movements of both strike and pivot corps.

“During the exercise, the combat decisions taken at each level of command will be analysed further to achieve optimum results,” officials added.

Thrust of the exercise would be the transformation of Indian Army into a lean, agile and enabled force focusing on improving the abilities of its fighting troops in a technological advanced atmosphere with best available logistics support.


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