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Indian Army conducts fire power display at Pokhran

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JAISALMER (PTI): The Indian Army has conducted a fire power display at Pokhran in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan showcasing its capabilities, proficiency and preparedness.

The Fire Power Display was conducted last week at the Field Firing Range in Pokhran which involved integrated firing during day and night as well as an equipment display, according to defence spokesperson Lt Col Manish Ojha.

The most decorated battalion amongst all the Commonwealth countries - 4 Mechanized Infantry - also participated in the fire power display.

"As part of Southern Star Information Campaign, Black Mace Brigade under aegis of Konark Corps organised the Information Visit cum Fire Power Demonstration.

The Information visit was conducted at 4 Mechanized Infantry Battalion at Jaisalmer," an official statement said.

4 Mechanized Infantry is the most decorated battalion amongst all the Commonwealth countries with 343 gallantry awards and is also celebrating the Centenary of its participation in First World War, he said.

"The unit also holds the original Man Singh Trophy, a replica of which was recently presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during the formers' visit to Australia," Ojha said.

In the Fire power display, most modern equipment in the inventory of the Indian Army fired with precision in cohesion with each other, with the main attraction being the T-90 tanks, he said.

A synchronised attack by Armoured, Artillery and Mechanized Infantry was also conducted to capture a mock enemy location during day and night.

This started with Artillery bombarding the enemy location from a distance of 18-20 km.

The tanks then assaulted on the enemy location with speed and pin point accurate firing which was soon followed by dismounted attack by the Mechanized Infantry following the Tanks.

A similar attack was launched during the night wherein T-90 Tanks, BMP and Artillery guns destroyed enemy targets with their might and fire power.

"The demonstration was conducted with speed and audacity," he added.


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