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Indian Army successfully used UAVs for 'Sudarshan Shakti'

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Indian Army has successfully used its satellites and UAVs in the ongoing exercise 'Sudharshan Shakti' to provide a real-time picture and information of the war zone to battlefield commanders.

The new concepts of real time linking of the command centres with the battle zone has been successfully tested during the wargame in the deserts of Rajasthan, an army spokesperson said on Thursday.

"The endeavour has been to validate and integrate the use of all available assets, including satellites and UAVs to assist commanders in taking dynamic and proactive operational action in a fluid battlefield situation," he said.

An important facet being validated is the real-time links between sensor and shooter which enables commanders to take instant decisions even as information is being shared among platforms and personnel to order the weapons to be deployed, he said.

Aerial assets provided by Indian Air Force (IAF) like Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft and AWACS have also been used to provide a real-time data of the war zones.

A total of 60,000 troops and 300 tanks are participating in the exercise which has brought together all elements, including air power on one single platform.

Apart from 120 artillery guns and an array of missiles and rockets, the exercise involves operation by aircraft such as Su-30 MKI, Jaguars, MiG-27 and MiG-21, AWACS and helicopters.

The exercise will help the Southern Command to validate its war-fighting concepts while working towards 'capability- based approach' relying on a series of transformational initiatives, concepts, organisational structures and absorption of new age technologies.


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