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Indian Army to be transformed into a more lethal force: Gen VK Singh

Indian Army Chief General V K Singh. A file photo

NEW DELHI (PTI): Strengthening its capabilities for a two-front war, the Indian Army on Friday said it would "reorganise, restructure and relocate" its various formations for transforming into a more agile and lethal force.

The aim of this transformation is also to shift the organisation from a threat-based to a capability-based service and provide theatre-based capabilities to the force, Army Chief General V K Singh said on the eve of the 63rd Army day.

"We are looking at reorganising and restructuring our force headquarters including the Army headquarters for a faster decision making so that it becomes slightly flattened and more responsive," he said.

The Army chief said the transformation plans were originally evolved in a study carried out last year after which sub-committees were formed to implement them.

"This year, we will make test beds to try out the concepts that would be implemented at larger level later," he added.

He said the reorganisation and restructuring of troops would take place in formations located in both mountains and plains and strike capabilities would be adequately provided to them.

"We are looking at integrated logistics, which makes it more structured. We are looking at theaterisation of combat support resources to ensure synergy of resources in a theatre as part of theatre battle plan," the Army chief said.

Officials said this would mean that the Army would be organised in such a manner that the two theatres would be independent of each other and for war-fighting in a particular theatre, the resources of the other theatre would not be required.

Under the plans, the Army is also thinking of putting elements under its Strike Corps under a Strategic Command, which would be located around both its eastern and western frontiers.

Gen Singh said the force would also like to increase its aviation assets by getting more choppers under its control.

He also said probably for the first time, the Army would meet its financial targets.

"We have ensured that all our cases are pushed through and meet the time lines. All services have integrated developmental plans and we aim at doing doable things. We have been able to ensure that targets are met adequately," he said.

On the out-dated weapon systems in the force, he said, "In any force in world, 30 per cent of the equipment is state of the art, 40 per cent is of current technology and rest is of out-dated technology and can be upgraded."


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