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Indian Army to go to Congo on UN mission

File photo of Indian medical contingent earlier in Congo

NEW DELHI (PTI): Resolving the dispute over deployment of its troops for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Congo, the Indian Army is sending its personnel to the African nation after a gap of over 15 months on June 22.

"A battalion from the Bihar Regiment will be leaving for Congo on June 22 and join the Indian brigade in North Kivu there," army sources told PTI here.

India had to stop sending replacements for its units in Congo as the Congolese Government had raised objections with the United Nations over the continuance of Indian troops in peacekeeping operations in the war-torn country.

Army sources said the Congolese Government had withdrawn its protest about six months back from the UN, clearing the way for India to resume sending troops for replacing its contingent there.

After the first troops move into Congo, two more units will be sent there by the army to replace an equal number of units in the north Kivu brigade. A brigade has three battalions under it.

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