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Indian Government backs ISRO's manned moon mission

A file photo of Defence Minister A K Antony

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (PTI): The Centre will extend its full support to the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) proposed manned moon mission, Defence Minister A K Antony has said.

"People from certain quarters have expressed doubt whether India should go for the manned moon mission which is very expensive," Antony said here on Wednesday during a function of Congress-sponsored 'Janashree Mission', organized to honour ISRO scientists behind the success of Chandrayaan-1.

"I am giving an answer to the critics also, that Union government will fully support ISRO's manned moon mission whatever the cost," he said, adding that ISRO should go ahead with the mission.

On the programmes of 'Janashree Mission', a micro finance scheme for self-help groups, Antony requested the public sector and other scheduled banks to come forward to provide loans to entrepreneurs under the plan.

India was able to insulate itself to a great extent from the impact of global recession due to the 'Indian model' of development pursued by Jawaharlal Nehru and nationalisation of banks initiated by Indira Gandhi, the minister said.

On the issues in Kerala, Antony said the state was a place where disputes and controversies occur in all things. “At least, in the case of development, there should be a consensus among political parties and common ground for co-operation should be found,” he said.

Congress leader and Chairman of ‘Janashree Mission’ M.M Hassan presided over the function. Among those present included Prime Minister's Principal Secretary T K A Nair.

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