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Indian Navy detained pirates off Seychelles coast

INS Nirdeshak, an Indian Navy vessel logo. A File Photo

NEW DELHI (BNS): Indian Naval Ship ‘Nirdeshak’ which was deployed off the coast of Seychelles to carry out anti piracy operations, arrested pirates in a joint exercise with Spanish and French navies.

"INS Nirdeshak -- a survey ship of the Indian Navy, has arrested nine sea pirates 240 nautical miles off the coast of Seychelles with the help of French and Spanish navies there between the night of April 26-27," Navy officials told PTI on Tuesday.

"A Chetak helicopter was launched by Nirdeshak after coordinating with the French Navy, which had its Falcon reconnaissance aircraft in the area," they said.

Pirates maneuvered in the island nation's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), French Navy's Falcon maritime and Spanish Navy's Destroyer ‘Nomansia’ helped the INS to detect the pirate’s aircraft, officials here said.

Armed with automatic rifles, the pirates attacked the cruise ship with 1,400 passengers and crew on board on Saturday evening.

Later, the pirates caught with three scuffs were handed to Seychelles authorities by navy, they said.

INS Nirdeshak is equipped with a Chetak helicopter and interceptor boats for undertaking anti-piracy missions. It also has a medium 40mm Bofors gun on board.

INS Nirdeshak was deployed in Seychelles carrying out survey missions after their government asked for Indian help to counter sea pirates.Meanwhile, India has completed refit of the Coast Guard ship Topaz that was gifted to Seychelles by India in 2005.

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