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Indian Navy meets to review operational, admin issues

NEW DELHI (PTI): The top brass of Indian Navy will meet here on Monday to review critical operational and administrative issues of the force.

The first edition of the biannual Naval Commanders' Conference of the year comes in the wake of a high tempo campaign season for Navy starting with the Theatre Readiness Operational Level Exercise in January-February, 'Op Rahat' in Yemen during March-April and the joint operation with Coast Guard to nab drug-runners off the Indian coast last month.

The conference will also cover a wide spectrum of issues relating to operations, infrastructure and manpower, including operational readiness of the Commands and issues relating to coastal security.

Strengthening cyber security in the Indian Navy would be another key area of discussion, an official statement said here.

Another aspect to come up in the two-day event is the consolidation and strengthening of the rapidly expanding aviation arm of the Navy.

Deliberations would be held on infrastructure and manning requirements for new induction aircraft, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and enhancement of surveillance.

Another critical area would be the strengthening of Maritime Operations Centres for collation and analysis of vast swaths of information from a multitude of sources to enable alacrity and effectiveness of operations in all four dimensions.


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