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Indian Navy ships visited Seychelles from April 6

NEW DELHI (PTI): Ships of the First Training Squadron (1TS) INS Tarangini, INS Sujata, INS Shardul and ICGS Sarathi, on the last leg of their overseas deployment under Exercise Sambandh were to depart Seychelles for Kochi on Wednesday, the Navy said.

A Navy statement said the ships entered Port Victoria, Seychelles, on April 6.

While Tarangini had sailed from Kochi, the other three ships had arrived from Port Beira, Mozambique after undertaking a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief mission Op Sahayata in the wake of the devastating Cyclone Idai which hit that country.

A number of exercises were undertaken in Seychelles, including a trek along the Morne Blanc Trail and Trois Feres Trail.

The ships were kept 'Open for Visitors,' amongst whom were Deck Cadets from the Seychelles Maritime Academy.

On April 8, Capt. Varun Singh, the senior officer 1TS, along with other commanding officers called on Barry Faure, ambassador and secretary of state for foreign affairs, Ausaf Sayeed, high commissioner of India, Colonel Clifford Roseline, chief of defence forces, SPDF and Colonel Simon Dine, commander, Seychelles Coast Guard.

"During each call on, the efforts by the Indian Navy ships in carrying out HADR operations at Mozambique were highly appreciated by all the dignitaries. In addition, the Sea Trainees made visits to the Botanical Garden, Seychelles Maritime Academy and the Seychelles Coast Guard Base. Sailors from the Seychelles Coast Guard base also visited INS Shardul for training on fire fighting and damage control," the statement said.

The First Training Squadron is currently on the last leg of its overseas deployment, known as Sambandh, the statement said.

During the deployment, the ships had first visited Port Louis, Mauritius before being diverted to undertake relief operations at the Cyclone Idai affected Port Beira in Mozambique.

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