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Indian Navy to procure combat system for MARCOS

NEW DELHI (PTI): Strengthening its capabilities to carry out special operations, the Indian Navy is planning to procure advanced Integrated Combat System (ICS) for its elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS).

The Navy wants the ICS for effective command, control and information sharing to maximise capabilities of individuals and groups of the MARCOS-- the elite special operations unit, while engaging enemies.

"We want the ICS to provide enhanced capabilities such as tactical awareness and fighting ability in hostile environment and a network which can enable Group Commanders to remotely monitor and control operations," Navy officials told PTI here.

They said the ICS would help in integrating an individual sailor's capability of day and night surveillance, ballistic protection, communication and firepower through an integrated network at individual and group level.

Initiating the procurement process through a Request for Information (RFI), Navy's Directorate of Special Operations and Diving has sought details from global vendors about the ICS, which should have gear for both individual and group uses.

The individual equipment required by the Navy in the ICS includes light weight helmets, head-mounted displays, tactical and soft ballistic vests along with communication equipment.

The group-level gear requirements include command and control and surveillance systems along with high speed communication equipment.

The Navy wants the integrated surveillance devices to have sight for the sniper, laser range finder and long range thermal imager (medium and long range) and near IR laser pointer for a combat group to undertake surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting.

It also wants that the ICS should be compatible with all the advanced assault rifles and close-quarter combat weapons which are used by elite troops.

The Navy has recently started inducting the Israeli Tavor 21 Assault Rifles for the MARCOS.

As per the RFI, the Navy wants the electronic devices and sub parts of the ICS to be operable in tropical, cold, desert, marine and coastal climates along with being waterproof.

After gathering information from the interested vendors, the Navy will issue a global Request for Proposal (RFP) soon.


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