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Indian armed force releases joint doctrine

Release of the joint doctrine for electronic warfare and maritime operations. PTI photo

NEW DELHI (PTI): In view of the prevailing security situation in the country and its neighbourhood, the armed forces have released three joint doctrines for enhancing "synergised" fighting capabilities in electronic and sub-conventional warfare and aerial maritime operations.

"In the prevailing security environment, it is mandatory to ensure that thrust of all agencies involved in combating terrorism is focused towards the common enemy and synergised endeavour produces best results," Defence Ministry officials said after the release of doctrines here.

The doctrines, released by Army Chief and Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Deepak Kapoor, suggest that battlefields of future would be known as "battle-space" as they would be fought not only on land, air and sea but also on electronic, information highways, cyberspace and media fronts.

"Success in such a battle-space depends on joint teamwork by maritime, ground and air forces operating effectively, individually and together in support of shared military objectives," they said.

"In the age when non-state actors and terrorists carrying out 26/11-type strikes using the sea route to attack land- based targets, it is a must for our armed forces to have a joint doctrine to tackle such threats," another official said.

He said modern wars were also being fought in cyberspace and media, the forces have also tried to come up with a joint strategy on the use of media and cyberspace for achieving their goals in such times.

The doctrines, formulated by the Integrated Defence Staff Headquarters, would "fundamentally shape" the way Armed Forces plan, think and train for military operations, officials said.

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