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Indian frigates set sail for Omani war games

Indian frigates INS Talwar and INS Ganga

NEW DELHI (BNS): Two Indian frigates --INS Ganga and INS Talwar -- will take part in a six-day naval exercise codenamed 'Naseem al Bahar 2009' beginning December 11 in the Arabian Sea.

The Royal Navy of Oman task force would be represented by corvette 'Qahir Al Amwaaj' with a helicopter, missile boat 'Al Batnah', coastal resupply vessel 'Al Maded' and landing ship 'Temsah' along with several aircraft from their air force, according to Navy officials here.

The Oman Navy and the Indian Navy will engage in a wide variety of war games during the sea-phase of the exercise. The two countries have strengthened their defence cooperation further after they signed a defence MoU in 2005.

Recently, the Indian Air Force had also participated in an aerial exercise codenamed "Op Eastern Bridge' with six Jaguar aircraft along with one each IL-78 mid-air refueller and IL-76 transport aircraft from October 22-29 at the Thumrait air base there, a PTI report said.

The Project 16 frigate INS Ganga is based on a modified Leander hull form. The frigate has been refitted with the Israeli Barak SAM system. Its combat system mixes indigenous, western and Russian equipment while the Talwar class guided missile frigates are modified Krivak III class frigates built by Russia. These ships use stealth technologies and a special hull design to ensure a reduced radar cross section.

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