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Indian warships in Russia for naval wargames

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Three Indian Navy warships on Monday entered Vladivostok in Russia for the INDRA series of naval wargames with that country.

After the exercises with the Russian navy, the warships will proceed to the Pacific Ocean where they will hold the multilateral 'Malabar' series exercises with the US and Japanese Navy there.

"After travelling over 5,000 nautical miles, three Indian Navy warships, including the Rajput-class destroyer INS Ranvijay, stealth frigate INS Shivalik and fleet tanker INS Shakti, on Monday entered the Russian port of Vladivostok," a Navy spokesperson said.

India and Russia hold the INDRA series of exercises between their navies and armies where they practice counter-terrorism manouveres and further improve their inter-operability.

For the multinational Malabar series wargames, India had invited Japan to participate in this year's edition of the wargames during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to New Delhi in January.

India had decided against making the Malabar series exercises multilateral after China opposed the presence of Japan, Singapore and Australia in the naval war games in the 2007 edition held close to the Japanese waters.

India and the US have held over 60 exercises between their armed forces.


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