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Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucano fighters

Embraer Super Tucano fighter. Embraer photo.

JAKARTA (BNS): Brazilian - made Super Tucanoes will become part of the Indonesian Air Force replacing the existing OV-10 Bronco aircraft.

The Air Force plans to purchase a squadron of 16 Super Tucanoes to upgrade its weaponry systems, according to the Jakarta Post.

“The purchase is part of our effort to improve the Air Force's weaponry system. We have proposed the purchase to the government with the hope that they will grant the funds," the paper quoting Air Force Chief Marshal Imam Sufaat, said.

Imam, however, did not reveal the price of the light attack and observation jet planes or when the deal would be made.

The turboprop-driven OV-10 Bronco aircraft have been in service for more than three decades.

Indonesia’s Air Force is expecting three more Sukhoi fighter jets, part of a squadron ordered in 2007, he said.

The Air Force already has a squadron of US-made F-16 Falcon fighter jets and F-5 Tiger bombers, two squadrons of British-made training Sky-Hawk and Hawk bombing jets.

The Super Tucano is equipped with an advanced laser inertial navigation and attack system, a GPS and a traffic alerting and collision avoidance system (TCAS) and integrated weapon system.

The aircraft also includes the SAFIRE thermal imaging system from FLIR, which allows the aircraft to carry out night surveillance and attack missions.

Powered by a PT6A-68A turboprop engine developing 969kW, the aircraft can cruise at a maximum speed of 560km/h, according to media reports.

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