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Indonesia to buy six Su-30 fighter jets

Su-30MK. A Sukhoi photo.

MOSCOW (BNS): Russia is likely to sign a contract with Indonesia for the delivery of six Su-30MK2 fighters, a news report said.

The business daily Kommersant quoted a Russian source who attended the talks with Indonesia, on the first day of the LIMA-2011 arms show in Langkawi, as saying that a contract on the Su-30MK2 delivery could be signed by the end of 2011.

According to a Ria Novosti report, Russia recently completed a $300-million contract signed in 2007 on the delivery of three Su-30MK2 and three Su-27SKM fighters to Jakarta in addition to two Su-27SK and two Su-30MK fighters purchased in 2003.

The Su-30MK2s are optimized as naval strike fighters. The aircraft is currently operated by China, the Indonesian Air Force, and the Venezuelan Air Force.


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