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Israel brings latest spy planes

IAI's CAEW aircraft in takeoff

BANGALORE (BNS): For the first time, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will present its Conformal Airborne Early Warning & Control (CAEW) Aircraft among other advanced defence solutions and homeland security systems at Aero India show beginning here on Wednesday.

Itzhak Nissan, IAI's President and CEO said that the company sees great potential in the Indian market, in the fields of Airborne Early Warning, Homeland Security, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, advanced Radars and others.

“The CAEW aircraft is integrated within the Israeli Air Force air picture network and has proven to be of great operational value. We are extremely pleased with this new addition to our force. The CAEW aircraft has been flying extensively during the last year, both in operational and training missions,” Israeli Air Force representatives said here.

The CAEW aircraft, installed onboard a modified Gulfstream G550 business jet, was delivered in 2008 to the Israel Air Force and serves a variety of missions, including Early Warning and Air Combat Command and Control, officials said.

The EL/W-2085 CAEW aircraft integrates Radar, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF), Electronic Support Measures and Electronic Intelligence (ESM/ELINT), and Communication Support Measures and Communication Intelligence (CSM/COMINT).

In addition, ELTA will present its EL/I-3001 Airborne Integrated Signal Intelligence System (AISIS), as well as Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), Multi Function Radar (MMR), Mobile Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Stations and AESA Fire Control Radars for fighters, they said.

Israeli officials said that the Spanish Air Force (SAF) awarded IAI/ELTA a contract worth $6.3 million (€4.5 million) for a mobile deployable image intelligence (IMINT) exploitation station. The SAF purchased IAI/ELTA's Deployable (Mobile) Multi-Sensor Ground Exploitation Station to enhance its on-the-move IMINT capabilities.

With modern equipment at hand and even before the delivery of the first of the three Phalcon spy planes to India, Israel hopes to sell its next generation of airborne command and control system, which is much more advanced, and compact.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) had ordered three Phalcons in 2004 but the delivery has been delayed. The first of the three aircraft are now scheduled to arrive next month.

The (CAEWCS) does not have rotordome mounted radar. The business jet has been reconfigured into an airborne command and control aircraft, said an official. It has self protection suite, dual band (C, S) multi-mode long range AESA radar (4 array) and full 360 degree coverage.
The officials said it is a compact aircraft as all the features have been accommodated in a small and powerful jet. The aircraft has long range and can cruise at high altitudes above 50,000 feet.
The system, developed by Israeli Aircraft Industry, has been pulled out from the air force to be brought for the air show in India. Israel has already got a buyer in Singapore for the new aircraft. It would hope that Indian agencies show some interest in the system.
Gulstream G550 airframe is an upgraded version of V-SP. The aircraft is manufactured by Gulfstream in the US and was later transferred to Israel.

According to IAI, the system has six multi purpose, Windows-based, operator stations. The system has been developed by Elta and gives 360 degree coverage for rapid target acquisition.

The officials said it is same as the Phalcon but more compact and advanced. It is the high end of AEW technology available in the world. Phalcon derives its name from Phased Array L band system.

India already has an earlier version of Elta system mounted on a Gulfstream aircraft. It is used by Research and Analysis Wing. The external intelligence agency would be keen to have a look at the aircraft.

Other products at the show include models of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): Heron and the Naval Rotary UAV (NRUAV) system for ship deck autonomous operation.

A new generation Aerial Tanker and Air Refueling System, for conversion of new generation platforms like B767 to Multi-Role Tanker/Transport (MRTT) aircraft.
Barak-8 Missile Defence System and Network Centric Laser Guided Weapons: LAHAT, Nimrod and Nimrod MK 3.

Fire Ball Smart Mortar Bomb Weapons System – a laser homing 120/121mm mortar bomb with dual mode precision homing, GPS & Laser, with the ability to reach almost twice the range of conventional mortar bombs (up to 15 km).

The Plug-In Optronic Payload (POP) Family – POP300LR Observer, Mini-POP, and Micro-POP, Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilised Payload- MOSP3000, and Navigation Inertial Measuring Units for both land and aerial missions

BRAHMOS Missile Systems


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