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Israel receives fourth Dolphin-class submarine

Dolphin-class sub of Israel. An IDF photo

JERUSALEM (BNS): The Israeli Navy has received the fourth Dolphin-class diesel-electric submarine from Germany last week.

The submarine, named Tanin and capable of launching nuclear-tipped weapons, was handed over to the Navy in a German city on April 3.

"The Tanin, the fourth submarine in IDF possession, presents a clear statement regarding the intentions of the State of Israel to continue advancing and building its strength at sea and from the sea," Israeli Navy Chief Maj. Gen. Ram Rothberg said.

Israel had recently inked a deal with Germany to acquire the sixth Dolphin-class submarine for the Navy.

The Navy at present operates three Dolphin-class submarines. The submarines are capable of carrying nuclear-tipped cruise missiles of an unidentified type with a range of 800 miles.

The fourth submarine was handed over to it under a 2006 contract which also makes provision for another such vessel which is in final stages of development and is expected to be delivered next year.


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