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Israel to develop new nanosatellite 'InKlajn-1'

The InKlajn-1 nano-satellite and its adaptor. Photo: IAI

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israel Aerospace Industries is developing an InKlajn-1 nano-satellite in cooperation with the Israeli Nano-Satellites Association (INSA), the company announced Sunday.

The nano-staellites which weighs less 10 kg will be used to demonstrate new technologies and execute space missions having a short duration, of typically up to two years.

InKlajn-1 nano-satellite contains seven scientific and commercial experiments, and the behaviour of terrestrial components will be tested in space.

Nano-satellites use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components which allow a significant reduction in the cost and duration of satellite development, typically about one-hundredth of the cost, and less than half the time, for that required for large satellites.


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