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Japanese ship carries out ballistic missile defence test

A Standard Missile - 3 (SM-3) is launched from the Japanese Ship (JS) Myoko in a joint missile defense intercept test, with the US Missile Defense Agency, in the mid-Pacific. Image credit: USMDA

TOKYO (BNS): Japan, with cooperation from the US, has successfully conducted an Aegis ballistic missile defence intercept flight test last week.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) along with the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA), carried out the test off the coast of Kauai in Hawaii last Tuesday with the help of US Navy, the USMDA said in a statement.

The event, designated Japan Flight Test Mission 3 (JFTM-3), involved Japanese destroyer ship JS MYOKO (DDG-175). The ship successfully engaged a ballistic missile target, including two successful intercepts, with the sea-based midcourse engagement capability provided by Aegis BMD.

The Japanese destroyer used a Standard SM-3 Block IA missile to intercept the separating medium-range target above the Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of about 160-kms.

The test verified the newest engagement capability of the Japan Aegis BMD configuration in the Japanese destroyer, JS MYOKO.

The ship will be equipped with additional SM-3 Block IA missiles before returning to Japan, the statement said.

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