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Lockheed tests DAGR rocket from Kiowa helicopter

The DAGR rocket system (left) was fired from a Kiowa helicopter. Lockheed Martin Photo

ORLANDO (BNS): US defence major Lockheed Martin has successfully tested the DAGR guided rocket system from on board a OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter.

Two DAGRs were launched from the OH-58D Kiowa in airborne tests, at ranges of 3.5 and 5 km. Both hit within 1 meter of the laser aimpoint, Lockheed said.

The rocket has proved its precision striking capabilities from the AH-64D Apache and the AH-6 Little Bird helicopters in previous tests.

“With successful flights from the Apache, Little Bird and now Kiowa helicopters, DAGR is rapidly establishing itself as the laser-guided 2.75-inch rocket that our HELLFIRE customers have sought as a low-cost, low collateral damage complement to the HELLFIRE II missile itself,” said Randy Thomas, DAGR programme manager.

Lockheed has designed the DAGR systems to provide guided-rocket performance in line with the precision-strike laser-guided HELLFIRE II missile.

The rocket has been developed as a 'non-developmental item' to fill the gap between unguided rockets and the HELLFIRE weapon system by providing a precision-strike, air-to-ground weapon for non-armoured or lightly-armored high-value targets close to civilian assets or friendly forces, while limiting collateral damage.

The DAGRs can be launched from all rotary-wing HELLFIRE platforms, including the Apache, Little Bird, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Cobra and Tiger helicopters.

Even both the DAGR and HELLFIRE weapons can be mounted and fired from a single platform to provide multi-mission capability.

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