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Lt Gen Amardeep Bhinder assumes charge of Army's SW Command

JAIPUR (PTI): Lieutenant General Alok Kler on Wednesday relinquished his charge as the chief of the Jaipur-based South Western Army Command.

He was commissioned in the Armoured Corps in 1982 and served in the Army for 40 years.

Lt Gen Alok Kler hands over the baton to Lt Gen Amardeep Singh Bhinder from the Armoured Corps, defence spokesperson Lt Col Amitabh Sharma said.

Before handing over the charge to his successor, he paid tributes to martyrs at Prerna Sthal in the Jaipur military station.

On the occasion, he said the command is fully prepared from all aspects.

“Our command is fully prepared, be it mission readiness, training or administration. Our training at the western border is 100 percent. Though I do not want but if required, the southwestern command will show a miracle that has not happened in the last 75 years on the western border,” he told reporters.

With his penchant for physical fitness and adventure, Lt General Kler is an avid cyclist and skydiver and he cycled from Delhi to Jaipur in September 2019 to take over the command.

He has also undertaken numerous cycling expeditions.

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