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Luxembourg to acquire next-gen anti-tank missiles

The Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon system. A Saab Photo

STOCKHOLM (BNS): Luxembourg will acquire the Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) systems developed by Swedish defence company Saab.

Luxembourg will become the fourth country to buy the man-portable short range anti-tank missiles designed by Saab and produced by French company Thales in Belfast.

The weapon has recently been deployed in the British, Swedish and Finnish armed forces, Saab said.

The NLAW is a single-soldier short-range anti-tank missile that operates on fire-and-forget principle.

The weapon, with a minimum range of 20 meters and maximum range of 600 meters and Overflying Top Attack and DA Direct Attack firing modes, is capable of destroying any Main Battle tank in a single shot. The missile also has night vision capability.



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