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Malaysia receives first A400M strategic airlifter

Malaysian military officials posing near the Air Force's new A400M airlifter. An Airbus Military photo

SEVILLE, SPAIN (BNS): European aircraft maker Airbus has officially handed over the first of four A400M military transport aircraft to Malaysia, marking the first delivery of the heavy-lift airlifter to an export customer outside the original launch nations.

The aircraft was formally handed over to the Chief of Malaysian Defence Force Gen. Tan Sri Dr. Zulkifeli at Seville, Spain on Monday.

Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), Gen. Dato' Sri Roslan Bin Saad, who was also present on the occasion, said, "The A400M will give the RMAF the most advanced heavy transport capability in the region and enable us to undertake an extraordinary range of military and humanitarian operations."

Bernhard Gerwert, CEO Airbus Defence and Space, said, "We are extremely proud to deliver the first A400M to our first export customer - Malaysia. These aircraft will transform Malaysia's air mobility force thanks to the A400M's unique combination of strategic and tactical capabilities.

"Today sends a clear message that the A400M is not just a specialised aircraft designed and developed for Europe's air forces, but is truly the new reference in tactical and strategic transport market globally - fulfilling both roles in a single machine."

The new airlifter, after arriving in Malaysia, will be showcased at the LIMA airshow in Langkawi scheduled to be held from March 17.


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