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MiG denies stealth technology transfer to China

The J-20 stealth fighter. A file photo

MOSCOW (BNS): Russian plane maker MiG said Russia has never transferred any stealth technology to China to assist in the development of J-20 Black Eagle fifth-generation stealth fighter prototype, according to a news report.

"We are not delivering any equipment to China, and never have," Ria Novosti news agency RIA Novosti quoting MiG spokeswoman Yelena Fyodorova said.

MiG’s statement came in the wake of media reports that China's J-20 Black Eagle is based on technology and components from the Russian Mikoyan Article 1.44, a stealth technology demonstrator aircraft, the report said.

The J-20 which resembles US's F-22 Raptor – world's only operational fifth-generation stealth fighter – but larger in size, possesses advanced supersonic cruise ability and powerful air mobility, according to Chinese military experts.

In January China carried out the first test-flight of the new stealth fighter and for the second time in April this year.

China has been working on a future fighter program since the mid-1990s, but the J-20 Black Eagle is not expected to enter service before 2018-2020, reports said.


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