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Milan ER anti-tank missile inches closer for serial production

A model of the Milan ER missile system on display. An internet imagery

PARIS (BNS): MBDA has successfully completed a series of test firings of the new Milan ER anti-tank light infantry missile, paving the way for the weapon's serial production and export.

Four totally successful firings against fixed and moving targets confirmed the performance capabilities of the firing post, of the missile and that of the warhead, the European missile maker announced on October 21.

The latest firing campaign, completed on October 15, was the final technical step which followed the qualification of the Milan ER weapon system achieved during the first half of 2014.

MBDA said it will now be able to finalise the production work and deliver the first units of the news missile to its export customers in the spring next year, as planned.

Milan ER is the latest version of the Milan portable short-range anti-tank missile. It features a new digitised firing post, an extended range of 3,000 m and a new, highly powerful warhead that can penetrate 1,000mm explosive reactive armour (ERA) or rolled homogenous armour (RHA), or more than 3m of reinforced concrete.

A direct attack mode has also been added as also an improved anti-jamming capability.

The weapon is already chosen by 3 export customers, according to MBDA.


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