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Military exercise 'ShoorVeer' culminates

JAIPUR (PTI): Military exercise 'Shoorveer' the biggest summer war game of Army's South-Western Command involving over 50,000 troops, has culminated in Hanumangarh district and nearby areas in Rajasthan.

Spearheaded by Jaipur-based South Western Command of Indian Army - also known as the Sapta Shakti Command - the exercise involved army troops sharpening their battle skills in peak of summer.

The exercise was conducted with more than 50,000 troops from infantry, armoured and artillery units coordinating their skills to mount an offensive on the enemy.

Strike One Corps and Chetak Corps took part in the exercise as part of a cohesive and synergised 'Air Land Battle.'

The exercise highlighted importance of the enhanced battle field transparency and situational awareness achieved by an array of surveillance devices and various force multipliers as manifested by an era of network revolution, a defence spokesperson said.

'Shoorveer' began on March 1 and the Army Chief General V K Singh reviewed and witnessed its final stages on May 2 and 3 in Hanumangarh.


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