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NGSTS trials in Russia will begin soon

A file photo of Russian flag.

MOSCOW (BNS): Russian new generation space transport systems (NGSTS), unmanned version trial will start in 2015 and manned version in 2018. The NGSTS spaceships are planned to be launched from space launching site "Eastern" in Amur Region. This was reported in the article published in a weekly "Industry" by Deputy Chief Designer of Russian Design Company "Energy", chief designer of manned complexes Nikolai Bryukhanov, according to a media report.

"The trials of unmanned version of space ship are planned to commence in 2015, manned version – in 2018", From this moment the space ship has to become the key element of Russian manned space exploration," Itarr Tass quoted a chief designer Mr. Bryukhanov as saying.

"The system will comprise the base manned spaceship and several modification units built on its basis. The base model is transport space ship of new generation. It is destined for the service of space stations: delivery of space crews and freight to space stations and subsequent return to Earth. It can also serve as rescue space ship," he added.

Russian Design Company expects that modification units of space ship can fulfill specific operations, such as flights to the Moon, service and overhaul of satellites in circum-terrestrial orbits, long-term (up to 1 month) autonomous flights with a purpose of carrying out different research and experimental works, as well as delivery and return with enlarged amount of freight in unmanned mode, it said.

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