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New Commander of Pakistan Navy fleet appointed

A file photo.

NEW DELHI (BNS): Pakistan has appointed Rear Admiral Tanveer Faiz as its new Commander of Navy fleet and Rear Admiral Asif Sandila as the new chief of the Logistics Command.

Pak naval air arm and its full operational and administrative control over all fleets unit including destroyers, missile boats and submarines will be under Tanveer Faiz, according to official statements.

Naval logistics units, construction and repair functions will be under Sandila.

Faiz joined Pakistan navy in June 1975 and served various onboard ships and later came in submarine service. His service includes submarines, guided missile destroyer and submarine squadron.

Sandila was commander of the Pakistan fleet before appointing as a chief of logistic command and has served the nation as commander of the submarine squadron and, Director of naval intelligence and naval representative to china.

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