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PLA develops climate control system to keep soldiers cool

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BEIJING (PTI): The Chinese army has claimed to have developed a new climate control system to help soldiers stay cool inside battle tanks.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) battle tanks have long been fitted with cooling systems to cool the electronics on board, but they were not designed to keep soldiers comfortable.

The new cooling system designed by a research division under the PLA General Armament Department can bring air currents from "all directions" through eight air outlets circling the interior of the tank, the PLA Daily reported.

The system will lower the tank's internal temperature to five degrees Celsius cooler than the outside temperature in summer.

Huang Guansheng, a senior engineer with the research division, said internal temperatures could reach more than 50 degrees Celsius in the past, as electronic equipment can generate a lot of heat.

"Under such circumstances, soldiers wear out quickly and may lose their attention, sometimes even getting vertigo and nausea," Huang said, adding that highly sophisticated equipment may also fail without such cooling systems.

The report said the new cooling system is based on an improvement in the electricity supply system.

The report did not detail the specific model of the main battle tank, but said other improvements such as shock absorption, air purification and acoustic panels have been fitted in the tank.


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