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Paramount Airways to expand operations to western India

MUMBAI: Premium business-class airline, Paramount Airways, plans to expand its operations to western India with flights to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

"We are launching a flight between Chennai and Ahmedabad shortly and Mumbai, Pune and Goa are very much on our radar," a senior Paramaount Airways official told PTI here today.

The airline was finalising the schedule for the Ahmedabad flight, he said, adding that, "the Chennai-Ahmedabad service would become operational within this month." "A good number of Gujarati traders come for business to various parts of Tamil Nadu and, therefore, we see a lot of traffic on the sector," he said.

Passengers from Madurai, Coimbatore and Cochin will now be able to travel to and from Ahmedabad and Mumbai through Chennai, he said.

The Tamil Nadu-based airline currently operates 1,600 flights a month across south India. As a premium business- class airline, Paramount offers distinctive features to its passengers such as exclusive lounge access at airports, valet services, more comfortable seatings, etc.

"Our foray into the Western region opens up a new route for the airline taking advantage of the existing unmet demand in this sector," Paramaount Airways' Managing Director, M Thiagarajan, said in a statement here today.


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