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Paras Aerospace, SpearUAV sign MoU to introduce micro-tactical UAV in India

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BENGALURU (PTI):  SpearUAV,developers and suppliers of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solutions for defence and Homeland Security applications from Israel, has signed an MoU with Paras Aerospace to introduce encapsulated Ninox 40 system to the Indian market.

Specifically designed for single-user operation, the Ninox 40 is a micro-tactical, cost-effective drone system, featuring an encapsulated drone and control unit, a Paras Aerospace statement said on Thursday.

Weighing under 250g -- within regulatory limitations -- it is lightweight enough to be incorporated into the soldier's vest and carried on-person during combat, it said.

The Ninox 40 has a flight capacity of up to 40 minutes, extensive 'ISTAR' capabilities, day and night camera for enhanced situational awareness, automatic tracking, and can be launched on the move and from under cover, even in harsh environmental conditions, the statement said.

CEO of SpearUAV Yishai Amir said the defence sector in India faces many challenges in surveillance of multiple international borders, in jungles and wooded areas as well as dealing with extreme natural forces, such as monsoon storms, cyclones and earthquakes.

"These challenges apply to the special forces, army, navy, various internal security divisions, and national disaster response teams."

"The cooperation between our companies will address the many needs of these forces, in order to give every person, officer and first responder an immediate ISTAR capability to complete their mission and save lives," Amir said.

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