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Pechora SAM continues to find new buyers

File photo of S-125 Pechoras. A Wikimedia image

Moscow (BNS): Russia's old surface to air missile S-125 Pechora, deployed for the first time in the 1960s, continues to attract buyers in large numbers.

Russian media has reported that an upgraded version of S-125 will be supplied to Egypt, Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Venezuela and Turkenistan under a $250 million contract.

Reports claimed that 200 launchers would be provided in the next three years. Out of these 70 would be for Egypt. State arms export agency Rosoboronexport negotiated the contracts separately with the countries.

The missiles are said to be easy to handle and has proved capable of being a second strike weapon. The Russian analysts believe that Russia’s air defence systems would continue to be in demand globally. Russia has a wide range starting from the Pechoras to the latest S-400.

Pechoras were supplied to several countries in the Soviet era. India was one of the biggest buyers. The Indian Air Force uses Pechora SAMs for air defence against short-range targets. But IAF is in the process of phasing out these missiles with modern systems.

Highlighting its capability, the Russian media reported that an S-125 missile had shot down an F-117 stealth bomber in Yugoslavia in 1999. The production lines for S-125s are expected to be in business even after the present bulk orders, reports said, even as officials have said that the manufacturing facilities were facing stiff challenges from the economic meltdown.

The presence of Syria and Libra in the list of buyers, however, has raised eyebrows in the western world. Reports indicate that pressure is building on Russia to exclude the two countries from the list. But the reports about their presence have not been officially confirmed yet.

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