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Prez approves introduction of new design for President's Standard and Colour for Indian Navy

NEW DELHI (PTI): The President of India has approved introduction of a new design for the President's Standard and Colour and naval crest for the Indian Navy, officials said.

These were unveiled in Visakhapatnam on the occasion of the Navy Day on December 4.

The erstwhile design of the President’s Standard and Colour for the Indian Navy was instituted on September 2017.

The design comprised one each horizontal and vertical red bands intersecting at the centre and the National Emblem inserted at their intersection. The National Flag was at the upper left canton adjacent to the staff and a 'golden elephant' was at the lower right canton on the fly side.

This design was inspired from the erstwhile Naval Ensign, the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

The President of India has "approved the introduction of a new design for the President’s Standard and Colour and Indian Navy Crest for the Indian Navy, which were unveiled at Visakhapatnam on Navy Day," it said on Monday.

Resonant to the ongoing "national endeavour to move away from the colonial past", the Naval Ensign was amended to a new design that draws inspiration from our history wherein the red horizontal and vertical lines on the white ensign were replaced with a blue octagon with twin golden borders encompassing the National Emblem atop a clear anchor and National Emblem with 'Satyamev Jayate' inscribed on the stock of the anchor, the statement added.

Further, it said, the national flag was retained on the upper left canton.

The Indian Navy adopted a new Naval Ensign on September 2 this year, and the new design of the President’s Standard and President’s Colour awarded to the Indian Navy incorporates this change, the statement said.

The new design of the President’s Standard and Colour comprises three main constituents – the National Flag in the upper left canton adjacent to the staff, the State Emblem underscribed with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ in golden colour on the upper right canton on the fly side, and a navy blue-gold octagon below the golden state emblem, the Ministry said.

The octagon has twin golden octagonal borders, encompassing the golden National Emblem (Lion Capital of Ashoka – underscribed with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ in blue Devnagri script) resting atop an anchor; and superimposed on a shield. Below the shield, within the octagon, in a golden bordered ribbon, on a navy blue background, is inscribed the motto of the Indian Navy ‘Sam No Varunah’ in golden Devnagri script, it added.

The Indian Navy Crest has been amended to replace the foul anchor with a clear anchor. The clear anchor depicts steadfastness of the Indian Navy to deter any challenge in maritime domain, and represents clarity in vision, mission and aspirations of its sailors. The clear anchor also depicts Indian Navy’s commitment towards securing the coast and maritime interest of India, the statement said.

"The change would imply removal of the symbolic nautical rope in the Crest Designs. The modified Indian Navy Crest has been introduced with effect from December 4 on the occasion of the Navy Day," it added.

In line with the change in the Indian Navy Crest, a minor amendment to the Crest of the Indian Naval Command Headquarters (which has the Indian Navy Crest in the inset) has also been approved by the President of India, the statement said.

"The President’s Standard and President’s Colour are awarded to static and mobile formations of the Indian Navy respectively, to acknowledge their distinguished and meritorious service to the nation," it said.

The Indian Navy was the first among the three Services to be awarded the President’s Colour on May 27, 1951 by the then president Rajendra Prasad.

In the Indian Navy, the President’s Colour has been awarded to the Western, Southern, and Eastern Naval Commands, both Western and Eastern Fleets, the Submarine Arm, the Naval Air Arm, INS Shivaji, INS Valsura and the Indian Naval Academy, the statement said.

The 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron was the first Naval Combatant Squadron to be honoured with the President’s Standard, the Ministry said.

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