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Raytheon links combat systems for networked lethality

MCKINNEY, TEXAS (BNS): Raytheon networked an array of combat systems during a US Army experimental force exercise to evaluate existing and emerging capabilities for improved situational awareness and targeting efficiency.

As the network systems integrator for the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experimen (AEWE), Raytheon integrated more than 25 technologies from more than 20 different companies and government agencies.

That effort included using its MAINGATE mobile ad-hoc communications system as a network backbone for the experiment.

AEWE is a live, operational experiment that provides insights to evaluate the mission effectiveness of technologies and concepts for soldiers and small units.

The tactical network included a 3rd-generation electro-optical Mast Mounted System, the Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System, an Improved Target Acquisition System, and the Javelin Command Launch Unit, a company statement said.

Raytheon said networking these systems significantly reduced target acquisition and engagement timelines through slew-to-cue target handoffs and automated target reports.

“We increased situational awareness through transmission of streaming sensor video and imagery that supports targeting and battle damage assessments,” said Glynn Raymer, Vice President of the company’s Network Centric Systems Combat Systems.

"These ready and near-ready netted systems reduce time-to-target, improve accuracy and help save war fighter lives," he said.

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