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Royal Navy receives new Q-Sight helmet-mounted display for Lynx helicopters

BAE Systems Q-Sight helmet-mounted display.

ROCHESTER, UK (BNS): UK's Royal Navy has received the new helmet-mounted optical sighting system from the BAE Systems.

BAE Systems, prime contractor for the Lynx PT, earlier this month delivered 12 Q-Sight Gunner Remote Sighting Systems (GRSS) that are qualified for use on the Lynx Mk8 helicopter.

"We are pleased to announce the first delivery of our Gunner Remote Sighting Systems, the result of partnering closely with BAE Systems. The equipment will now enter a period of testing and operational evaluation with the Royal Navy," Lt. Cdr. Ant Laycock, Royal Navy Lynx capability manager, was quoted as saying in a BAE Systems news release.

The advanced Q-Sight helmet-mounted display will enhance accuracy and target identification, whilst being affordable and compatible with the current helmet set-up and night vision goggles.

The Q-Sight family offers a modular approach to providing pilots with heads-up and eyes-out capability, delivering mission-critical situational awareness with significant improvements in weight, cost, flexibility, simplicity, and optical performance.

Weighing less than four ounces, with no bulky projection optics and no undesirable center-of-gravity issues, the Q-Sight helmet-mounted display systems offers maximum pilot safety and comfort.

Compatible with other helmet display drivers and symbol generators, the Q-Sight display's modular design is easily retrofitted or upgraded and enables the addition of new capabilities at low cost.

The Royal Navy will use the Q-Sight GRSS variation in conjunction with an existing Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) on its Lynx Mk8 helicopters to enhance targeting accuracy for door gunners. The Q-Sight display will project the image from a machine gun-mounted TWS onto the gunner's helmet-mounted display, allowing the gunner greater range of movement without losing sight of the image.


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