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Royal Navy to decommission HMS Campbeltown in April

LIVERPOOL (BNS): The Royal Naval frigate HMS Campbeltown will visit Liverpool from 3-7 March 2011 as part of her final curtain call after 22 years of service.

The ship’s visit will mark the start of a number of key decommissioning activities including her final entry into Plymouth on 31st March and an official decommissioning ceremony on Thursday 7th April.

The Cammell Laird Shipbuilders had launched  the Campbeltown on 7th October 1987 and the frigate entered into service with Royal Navy on 27th May 1989.

The ship has spent the ensuing months training a host of future pilots, navigators, submariners, warfare officers and officer cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College.

Originally designed as a specialist anti-submarine ship, the Type 22 frigates have evolved into a powerful surface combatant with substantial anti surface, anti submarine and anti aircraft weapons systems.

The frigate has an excellent command and control, and communication facilities, making it ideal flagships. The frigate has an efficient cruising speed of 18 knots on patrol, but has a sprint capability of over 30 knots.

HMS Campbeltown was the third of the Type 22 frigates and the second Royal Navy warship to bear the name.

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