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Royal Navy's HMS Kent completes sonar upgrade

A Thales photo.

PARIS (BNS): HMS Kent, one of the Royal Navy's most advanced Type 23 frigates, has been fitted with Thales UK's Sonar 2087 system as part of a multi-million pound upgrade to her systems and operational capability.

Kent now becomes the seventh Type 23 frigate to be upgraded with the Sonar 2087 system.

AThales statement said, Kent which entered dry dock in November 2010 has now left the dockyard fresh from a comprehensive upgrade to her systems and equipment, and sailed under the famous Forth Bridges to begin her sea trials.

The ship has benefitted from a £24m overhaul of her hull, upper deck and complex weapons systems.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) said, the fitting of the new active towed-array sonar gives the Type 23 frigate 'phenomenal capability' and makes her a "world-leading anti-submarine warfare platform."

The frigate can also carry the Merlin helicopter, which is fitted with the Thales FLASH dipping sonar. The combination of 2087 and FLASH makes the Type 23 a formidable anti-submarine warfare (ASW) platform.

Sonar 2087 is a towed-array system that enables Type 23 frigates to hunt the latest submarines at considerable distances and locate them beyond the range from which they can launch an attack.

The system is a low-frequency active sonar, consisting of both active and passive sonar arrays.

John Pollard, Capability Manager for Sonar Systems at the MoD's Defence Equipment & Support facility, said, "HMS Kent will soon enter service alongside the other six Sonar 2087-fitted platforms further extending the Royal Navy's ASW capability."


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