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Russia begins anti-sub warfare drills

Russian Black Sea Fleet. A File Photo

SEVASTOPOL (BNS): The Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Pacific Fleet have begun a series of exercises involving warships, submarines and support vessels aimed at practicing search-and-destroy tactics against hostile submarines.

Warships and aircraft from the Russian Black Sea Fleet are carrying out anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercises involving live-firing drills, a fleet's spokesman said on Tuesday.

Ria Novosti quoting the spokesman said, the Smetlivy destroyer and three ASW corvettes, assisted by two Be-12 Mail ASW aircraft will simulate an attack with torpedoes and depth charges on a “hostile” submarine near the Russian coast.

The fleet's ASW contingent comprises two ASW cruisers, an ASW destroyer, and at least six ASW corvettes. The fleet has only one submarine in active service, a Kilo-class Alrosa vessel.

Meanwhile, a mixed task force from the Russian Pacific Fleet has also started a series of anti-submarine warfare drills in the Sea of Japan.

The three-day exercises, involving a total of eight warships, submarines and support vessels, marked the end of the summer period of combat training.

According to the report, the task force will perform a number of live-fire drills involving on-board artillery and air defence systems. The submarines are tasked with “sinking” their “hunters.”

Russia's Pacific Fleet has a missile cruiser, five destroyers and a large number of submarines in service. Its anti-submarine warfare aircraft include Tu-142 Bear F and Il-38 May planes, and Ka-27 Helix D helicopters, it added.

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