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Russia sends 'Moskva missile cruiser' to Indian Ocean

Moskva missile cruiser. Photo: Sevastopol

SEVASTOPOL (BNS): Russian Navy has sent ‘Moskva missile cruiser’ for a long range tour in the Indian Ocean to conduct some joint exercises, according to a media report.

The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet will join some Russian warships in the Indian Ocean, including the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered missile cruiser, which left Russia's Northern Fleet headquarters of Severomorsk on March 31.

"During the tour of duty, the Moskva cruiser will cross the Mediterranean, pass through the Suez Canal and conduct joint exercises with warships from other Russian fleets, including from the Northern Fleet, in the Indian Ocean," RIA Novosti quoted a spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet as saying.

The Moskva is a Slava-class missile cruiser with some anti-aircraft and ASW capability.

The surface strike ship has 16 SS-N-12 Sandbox supersonic anti-ship missiles, mounted in four pairs on each side.

During the tour, the cruiser will culminate with exercises in the Indian Ocean, it said.

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