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Russia to build fifth-gen submarines in next ten years

MOSCOW (BNS): Russia is likely to begin construction of fifth-generation submarines in the next 10 to 15 years, according to a news report.

The fifth-generation strategic and attack submarines will be less visible, more compact, and non-nuclear powered, RIA Novosti news quoted an official of the Rubin design bureau as saying.

Keeping in my mind the pursuit of more cost-effective production and the use of more advanced technologies Russia's future submarines are likely to be smaller, Sergei Sukhanov said.

According to Sukhanov the most likely substitution for a nuclear reactor on strategic and attack submarines would be an air-independent propulsion plant (AIPP), which would make them stealthier than nuclear-powered boats. Non-nuclear boats running on battery power or AIPP can be practically 'silent' he added.

Russia is currently operating third-generation submarines while the fourth-generation subs of the Project 955 Borey class of strategic boats and Project 885 Yasen class of attack boats are being adopted for service.

The Russian Navy plans to build eight Borey-class and eight Yasen-class submarines by 2020 which are expected to become the mainstay of the country's nuclear-powered submarine fleet, the report said.


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