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Russia to continue using silo-based ICBMs till 2020

The SMF will use the missiles till 2010.

MOSCOW (BNS): Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) will continue using silo-based and mobile ballistic missiles till 2020, the forces’ commander has said.

While efforts are on to develop and induct advanced missile systems in the country’s military, the silo-based and mobile Intercontinental Ballistic Missile systems (ICBMs) will be operational till their extended service life expires.

“To successfully accomplish the set tasks, the SMF will continue to have silo-based missile systems, which can provide an immediate response (to threats) and mobile systems featuring high survivability,” Col. Gen. Andrei Shvaichenko was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Presently, the SMF has deployed six types of silo-based and mobile ICBMs on combat duty, including the heavy Voyevoda (SS-18 Satan) and the Topol-M (Stalin) systems, the report said.

“By the end of 2016, the missile systems with extended service life will constitute no more than 20% of the total, while the share of new missile systems will be about 80%,” Shvaichenko said.

He further said that the number of missile systems and warheads with the SMF will be decided as per the new strategic nuclear arms reductions treaty to be signed between Russia and the US.

Silo-based missiles constitute 45% of Russia's total ballistic missile arsenal. They carry about 85% of nuclear warheads deployed by the SMF.

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