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Russia to upgrade three Tu-160 bombers

The Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber. A Tupolev photo

MOSCOW (BNS): The Russian Defence Ministry has inked a 3.4 billion ruble ($103 million) deal with the Tupolev design bureau and Kazan Aircraft Plant to upgrade three Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers, according to a media report.

The upgraded supersonic heavy strategic bombers would be delivered to the Russian Air Force in December 2015, Ria Novosti reported quoting a Tupolev statement.

The Russian Air Force operates over a dozen Tu-160 Blackjack bombers since 1987.

The Defence Ministry had last year stated that at least 10 of the Tu-160 bombers would be modernised by 2020 so that they could remain operational till a new generation strategic bomber, known as PAK-DA, is developed.

The Tu-160, which remains the largest supersonic aircraft in the world, is designed to engage strategic targets with nuclear and conventional weapons.


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