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Russia's fifth PAK FA stealth fighter begins flight trial

The Sukhoi PAK FA fighter. A file photo

MOSCOW (BNS): The fifth prototype of Russia's prospective fifth generation fighter aircraft (PAK-FA, T-50) has undergone its maiden flight at Sukhoi's Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant on Oct 28.

The advanced stealth fighter got airborne for 50 minutes before landing safely on the factory airfield runway.

The test flight was a success and in full accordance with the flight plan.

The stability of the aircraft and the propulsion system were tested during the flight. The aircraft performed well in all phases of the planned flight program. The pilot confirmed reliability of all systems and equipment, Sukhoi, the manufacturer of the new-generation warplane, said.

After completing the test flights programme in Komsomolsk, the aircraft will join flight tests with four other prototypes in the city of Zhukovsky near Moscow.

Two more planes are involved in ground tests - one as a complex ground stand and the other undergoes static tests, Sukhoi said.

Russia began flight testing the new-generation supersonic stealth fighter in 2010 when the first PAK FA prototype, dubbed T-50, made its maiden flight on January 29.

The advanced warplane made its first public appearance and conducted demonstration flights during the MAKS international air show at Moscow in June, 2011.

The Russian Air Force expects to induct the futuristic fighters from 2015.

India is partnering with Russia in developing the advanced warplanes for its air force.


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