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Russia's new jet trainer undertakes maiden flight

The Yak-152 trainer aircraft. An Irkut photo

MOSCOW (BNS): Russia's new basic trainer aircraft, Yak-152, has successfully completed its maiden flight on September 29, Irkut Corporation, which is manufacturing the jet, has announced.

The maiden flight of the Yak-152 initial training aircraft took place at the airfield of Irkutsk Aviation Plant, the affiliate of Irkut Corporation, the company said.

The aircraft has been developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau, an affiliate of Irkut Corporation.

The new jet trainer, expected to replace Russia's older-generation Yak-52 planes, is designed for training pilots in flying techniques, basics of navigation, simple, complex, and aerobatic pilotage, as well as group piloting. The single-seat aircraft can provide training by day and night.

The Yak-152 will allow mastering of instrumental flying along the route and landing approach with the use of airfield landing systems, as well as pilot's performance in emergencies, Irkut said.


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