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SAAB, Embraer tie up for Brazil's FX2 fighter jet programme

The Gripen multi-role fighter. A SAAB photo

STOCKHOLM (BNS): Sweden's SAAB and Brazil's Embraer have inked an MoU to partner in joint programme management of the FX2 project following the selection of the Gripen NG multi-role fighter for the Brazilian Air Force.

Under the agreement, Embraer will perform a leading role in the overall programme performance as well as undertake an extensive share of work in the production and delivery of both the single and two-seat versions of the state-of-the-art Gripen NG aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force.

In December 2013, Brazil selected the Swedish combat jet as the next generation fighter for its Air Force under the FX2 programme.

Under the deal, worth $4.5 billion, SAAB is to provide a total of 36 Gripen fighters along with its sub-systems. The deal also has provision for an extensive technology transfer package, a financing packages and a long-term bi-lateral collaboration between the Brazilian and Swedish Governments.

According to the newly-signed MoU, Embraer will coordinate all development and production activities in Brazil on behalf of SAAB and, in addition to its own extensive work packages, will participate in systems development, integration, flight tests, final assembly and deliveries of the fighters.

The two companies will also be jointly responsible for the complete development of the two-seat version of the Gripen NG.

They are also discussing a strategic partnership for future global promotion and marketing of both single and two-seat versions of the Gripen fighter, SAAB said.

Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Lieutenant-Brigadier Juniti-Saito said that the new partnership would simulate Brazil's defence industrial base.

"In addition to re-equipping the Brazilian Air Force, the F-X2 project is meant to stimulate Brazil's defence industrial base. This partnership between Embraer and SAAB will be of great importance to Brazil, because, besides participating in the development, we will be able to autonomously maintain our fleet.

"Embraer, as a high tech manufacturer of commercial jets, and SAAB, with its tradition in the development of fighter aircraft, are complementary businesses that certainly enjoy great gains with this agreement," the Air Force Chief said.


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