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SAAB signs contract to produce warheads for MMP missiles

STOCKHOLM (BNS): Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland (SBDS), a subsidiary of Swedish defence major SAAB, has signed a contract with MBDA France to produce warheads for the MMP (Missile Moyenne Portee) land attack missiles being developed for the French Army.

MBDA is developing the MMP as a "high-technology, new-generation battlefield missile" to modernise the French Army under the MoD's major new programmes within its Military Planning Act 2014-2019, according to SAAB.

As a lightweight, man-portable surface attack missile, MMP is based on the concept of 'fire and forget'. Having a range of 4-km, the weapon is capable of being fired from a networked infantry firing post or from a vehicle turret. It is capable of destroying both stationary and moving targets.

The MMP is designed to replace France's Milan wire-guided anti-tank missile.

The warhead for the MMP has been developed by SBDS.

Tests with the warhead against the latest generation of explosive reactive armour have been successfully completed. The warhead ensures that collateral damage is kept to a minimum while maximising the safety of the operator, SAAB said.

Deliveries of the warheads are scheduled for 2017.


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