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SKorean Navy conducts exercise with Aegis destroyer

SEOUL (BNS): The South Korean Navy Tuesday conducted a maneuvering exercise in the Yellow Sea with the South's first Aegis destroyer 'Sejong.'

The one-day exercise was aimed at developing interoperability among units from all branches of the South Korean Navy and to prepare against possible North Korean maritime infiltration, a Yonhap report quoting a Navy official said.

The South's first Aegis destroyer Sejong the Great, involved in the exercise, is equipped with an integrated weapons control system. About 20 other destroyers, frigates, patrollers and high-speed boats also participated in the exercise. it said.

The Lynx anti-ship helicopter and P-3C anti-submarine surveillance aircraft, the Air Force tactical aircraft and an Army helicopter also participated in the exercise held in waters near Pyeongtaek Port, some 70 kilometers south of Seoul.

The Northern Limit Line (NLL) drawn by the United Nations serves as a de facto maritime border between the Koreas. Pyongyang refuses to recognize the NLL, and Seoul has rejected the North's demand that it be drawn farther south.


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